Jeff is a talented, professional VO that will always deliver with high quality. Highly recommend him for your next project!!


-- Jasmine Sabry (Canaria Voice Productions)

Jeff is easy to work with. He always responds promptly to any questions and actively seeks constructive criticism to improve the product. The projects we've done together have been completed on time.


-- Kit Tunstall (www.kittunstall.com)

The collaboration with Jeff was great. He delivered on time and within budget. I will work again with Jeff as soon I have a chance. Very recommendable!


-- Lázaro Droznes (www.unitexto.com)

Jeff is a consummate pro. He takes direction extremely well, and honed in on the character of Yurra, in the animated short-film "Ben and Big", with boundless energy and a wonderful sense of fun. He has a truly amazing array of voices. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.


-- Rowan Sutherland (www.lunarsea.us)

Very talented and very professional. Jeff was an enormous pleasure to work with and I would most definitely work with him again.


-- Danny Mendiola (MendiholaFilms)

Jeff is by far the most professional and charming voice actor I have worked with. He has played 4 different characters for my project as well as providing 16 "extras" voices for me. His voice range is amazing and all of the characters sound uniquely different. He has gone above and beyond for my project. He communicates extremely well, is very willing to do retakes if he must, and is overall just amazing to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future.


-- Paige V.